Tijuana - 2 Floor Studio 1 min UABC 4 min Airport and U.S.

For up to 3 Persons

About the Accommodation

Near UABC, 4 minutes from the Otay international border and Tijuana airport, with supermarkets and shopping centers nearby.  Well lit and with alarm security. Excellent for business travelers who come to companies or factories in Otay with the crossing to the United States very close. Ideal for families and children. With cable service on the TV in the 2nd floor bedroom and Netflix and YouTube available on the TV as well.

Otay Universidad is an ideal area for students, business travelers and families. This Studio accomodates 2 people. Ideal for individuals or couples visiting their relative studying at the Autonomous University of Baja California. Includes a refrigerator, kitchenette, dining space and A/C.


-Cleaning service + cook, per night

==> Cleaning and kitchen service for your breakfast and lunch for each night of your stay, or for the nights that you require it.

==> For each night that requires the service, the housekeeper will work from 9am to 4pm, available for cleaning and cooking for you and your family and friends

==> Mask and impeccable cleaning protocols $ 650 MXN per night.

==> To book the service, in the payment portal when scheduling your dates select "Maid/Cook" the number of days that you will require the service. If it is not every day of the reservation, send us a message to let us know which days you will require the service.

Address: Avenida de los Ingenieros 313, 22427 Tijuana, Mexico

Size: 1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom


Guests are given a code to open the lockbox safe at the end of the right side on the last pillar of the house wall next to the last white bars on the right. ** DO NOT CONFUSE WITH THE LOCKBOX BEHIND THE MAIN GATE ENTRY **. From there guests take out the key to enter, open the garage gate to park their car, use the keychain to deactivate the security alarm, and finally the key to enter. The apartment is in the back right behind the house. ** DO NOT CONFUSE WITH HOUSE ON THE FRONT, THE STUDIO IS AT THE END OF THE RIGHT SIDE HALLWAY **. We are available by message or phone to answer any questions. Walk down the aisle on the right side by opening the white fence and going to the end of the hall to find the 2-story studio.

Requires a security deposit of about $3000 MXN. To facilitate this, we use the Swikly secure online service which allows us to take your credit/debit card imprint. So you will not be debited the amount but you authorize us to take the deposit in case of problems during your stay.


Otay Universidad is 1 minute away from the UABC Autonomous University of Baja California, 4 minutes from the Otay international border, and 10 minutes from Zona Rio and El Centro (Downtown Tijuana). The neighborhood is relatively safe, but for greater security the studio includes an alarm system that you must deactivate when entering with the key-chain that is included in your keys, press and hold the button with the image of "open padlock." Most alarm issues are solved by pressing the "open padlock" button of the keychain.


Route taxis pass through Avenida de los Ingenieros but  the largest amount of road taxis and taxis libres pass through Caliz del Tecnologico, as it is the same street where UABC is. Uber is always an option available to go right in front of the house and to its destination, be it El Centro, the border, Zona Río or UABC.